Now you're not here

Just a poem about someone who's gone

We used to laugh
Staying up all night
Trading stories
Sometimes with music
Or dancing
Or cocktail umbrellas

Then, the morning
I would make breakfast
A cup of tea
Just milk, no sugar
With biscuits
We sat, and ate, and laughed

But soon life changed
As everything does
I made breakfast
And cups of Earl Grey
And biscuits
But not one of us laughed

Now you're not here
There are no stories
I sleep early
There is no music
Or drinking
And I don't really laugh

We were not close
But I miss those times
When we just talked
Talked and talked and talked
I miss you
And I miss your fun laugh

When you come back
We'll stay up all night
Trading stories
Perhaps with music
And chocolate
So you won't forget me.

The End

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