Now, you're gone.

The windows look colder,

Now you're gone.

Outside looks more busy,

And I'm alone.

The street lights pierce through me,

They question if they knew me,

Because I am so different,

Now you're gone.

It feels like they're watching,

Now you're gone.

Waiting for me to break,

But I won't.

Is it that their eyes follow,

Or I'm paranoid and hollow,

But it's only in my head,

Now you're gone.

I feel like you'll haunt me,

Now you're gone.

You'll always be watching,

From the hall.

I'll think I can smell you,

You running feet still echo,

But you're only in my head,

Now you're gone.

The sink smells like iron,

Now you're gone.

I hide your very memory,

In a safe inside the wall.

I wait for them to find you,

Oh, for I was the end of you.

But you're only in my conscience,

Until they come.

The End

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