now you know what haunts me

they're back, and i'm so scared and i can't see the screen clearly because tears are blurring my vision.

the nightmares are back,

the scream and rip and letgoletgoletgo

as she tumbles.

another faceless girl

who i don't know but i care so much about.

her name's sophie.

i don't know why my head decided

to name her and not the others.

but i guess now you know.

about the-

the, night-terrors, i guess.

it's hard to ignore,

yet somehow everyone else managed.

you insisted on lying with me,

arms wrapped around my waist

as i shivered and shook

and cried out in my sleep,

getting no rest yet my eyelids close.

but you don't look at me

any differently now that you know

that i use concealer every morning

to cover the scars

and the purple crescent-shaped bruises

under my eyes.

they're exhausting,

because i don't seem to rest when i dream,

i'm just so tired.

please don't give up on me,

don't leave me.

please stay.

you are everything

i missed in these years of life,

and everything that could have saved me

had it not been too late by the time you arrived.

but it was.

you still try, though,

pick up the pieces and slot them together,

a demented puzzle game,

why don't we see how many fragments of

this broken girl we can collect?

it doesn't feel like a game to me.

nothing does anymore.

the devil took over my mind,

infested me with nightmares,

and you became my angel.

The End

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