Now That You Are Gone

this isn't actually about don't take it the wrong way. I just go through phases where I really miss's hard being a missionary kid at times, I've had to part with so many great friends. :(

Now that you’re gone, it’s so hard to bear.
It hits in the deep of the night.
Like a heavy hammer slamming viciously against my heart.
Over and over and over it goes, with no sign of relent.

It hurts like crazy now that you’ve left.
I cannot seem to catch my breath.
Nothing here is quite the same,
now that you are gone.

Was it truly almost a year ago?
When we first parted ways?
If it was so long ago...
then why does it still hurt?

Agonizing, burning, squeezing, torture.
That is what I feel.
I cannot stand to lose you,
yet you leave me bit by bit.

You promised to stay in touch.
yet I cannot remember the last time you wrote.
"Once a month at least," you said,
Yet it has been much more.

I wrote you more than once you know,
it's hard when there's no reply.
Yet on and on I continue to hope,
That maybe you'll come by.

The best of friends we were,
once upon a time.
All gone now, there is no more,
I wonder if we'll ever speak again.

Yet still I yearn to talk once more.
I want it so very badly.
Do you think that maybe,
you might tell me you're alive? 

The End

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