now inviting birds

the sky is full of birds, and the prince sits in his useless throne.

at the end of everyone -
they are welcome. please, follow me and don’t
run away from that boy - he’ll help you.
i’ll help you.
do you hear me? this boy - look at me.

you can’t run from me.
i won’t let you leave.
i am yours, darling, your sky.
please bring your little bird to me,
he can come along, too.

in the sky, our lively performance goes well.
i can see you’ve brought that bird,
and its beauty feathers - strong like
stone, wayward and glowing as an opal meet a pearl.

i’m the princely boy, shattered the
jeweled crown ‘til i wore a white sheet
over my eyes, and a lyre at my hip - oh, i am
nothing, too. once again, i am human.
a princely boy to no throne but a peach crate.

it’s here in this sky where we
now cater to birds.

The End

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