now in the moment

now in this moment noting san bring me down for my heart can fly above even where eagles make there nest for i am thinking of you. i could walk ten thousand miles just to hear a whisper of your voice. for the shear joy of my heart is overwhelming when i feel the soft tap on my shoulder that is you beconing me to walk with you for a ways. you are my start and my finish for in the beginning it is you that starts me on my way that is life and in the end you are there with open arms that encourages me to finish the race that that is you encouragement. life is just my eternal pursuit of another one of your smiles, such as a drug addict longs for his next fix i long for you next glance in my direction. I morn for thous in the world that have never had the opportunity to love. but as for the ones that have loved that have let it go i feel pure sarrow for these, the type of sadness that would drive a lesser man to insanity for thous who have loved and lost would wish to have never loved at all but for this i am still conflicted is it better to have loved and lost that to never loved at all. life is not worth living if there is no center to it       

The End

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