Now I feel so Alone

This poem/song was written about two years ago for a story I had been writing, in which the main character spent a lot of her time reflecting on the past.


Everything was perfect 
Growing up was easy 
Your face brightened my day 
Oh I love you ... daddy 

But that day came, the darkest hour hung over me 
I watched in horror and despair 
As you fell to the ground 
And slipped away ... from me 

Now I feel so alone 
A broken heart 
I just cant believe your gone 
I'm ripped apart 

Now I feel so alone 
I lie awake at night 
Tears soak my pillow 
But I know I gotta be strong and fight 

The thing that always gets me is that dream 
The one when I run into my daddies arms 
Thats when I start to scream 
He tells me not to be alarmed i'ts gonna be okay 

I wake up screaming my heart out 
Daddy where are you? Daddy are you here? 
That's when I start to scream and shout 
Knowing hes not near 

Now I feel so alone 
As I take my guitar 
I start to sing a ballad 
Hoping you're not far 

Now I feel so alone 
Tears pour down my cheeks 
as I try to pretend 
that it was only last weeks bad dream 

Oh, Where are you my friend 
I carry your heart 
But it's not enough to mend 
What was meant from the start 

I sit in my room alone 
As memories flash in my eyes 
I cant go on 
Or hide in disguise 

Now I feel so alone 
Like I cant go on 
Now I feel so alone 
But now I know you'll make me strong 
Strong enough to win this battle 

Now I can see you 
Hear you too 
Now I can feel you 
I Know its the real you 

Now I know im not alone 
cause i've got you 
Now I know im not alone 
Cause you'll help me through 

Oh ... I miss you

The End

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