Now Awoken

I close my eyes to see, what I can't with them open
The valueless value of senses and touch,gently broken
For times unknown in rythm so fine,all hearts beat
The gush of blood fused with life bitter and sweet
Travels all through the gateway passages,thick and thin
Collects the bags,heavy and light of purity and sin
Chambers of heart,stacked with them,day after day
Lead way to a journey,well defined,still wary and stray
Woven deeply with fears of past and temptations of future
We have forgotten, balance is the only true nature
In dungeons so dark,entry is difficult even to contemplate
but not for Divine Light of Thy Love, always ready to permeate
Every space,every heart on the ladder of evolution
To begin,needs willingness,love and true devotion
We witness others, externals, when eyes are open    
Shut the shutters of eyes, divine Self,expressed wide open
 So,I close my eyes to see what I can't with them open
The Will to embark upon the Final Journey, Now Awoken....

The End

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