Nothing To Say

I'm sick of not finding the right words,
Of not knowing what to say
Of not being able to help
Or even try to find a way
But what can I say when my feelings are the same
How can I help, when I myself need to be saved?

I want to be able to heal you,
But there's some patches on me I need to fix
And I know we all have our flaws,
But fire and water can't mix;

Your soul is lost and I'm shattered
Heart barely beating, body battered
But we're together-
Always together;
Two parts of a hole?

We once had everything we wanted,
Won everything we tried
But our chance is done, it's all over
The river of success dry
No more waves of victory-
No more laughing as we walk by
Just the tears of mystery, guilt and sadness
As we think of everything we had to leave behind.

The End

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