Nothing New

I’m too old to be acting so immature
but I’m too young to accept that I cannot change
You’ll never meet anyone else as cynical as me
not that you’d want to
but at least you’ll remember me

I’m still convinced my love life is stagnant
yet I’m waiting for that ‘right woman’
even though she probably left long ago
Why would she remain?
I have a habit of being forgotten

I have faith that all my mistakes will catch up with me
I’m afraid that all my good fortune is not meant to be
Like I am being lead towards a fall
but I don’t even care at all
It’s nothing new

I’m not classy but then again, neither are you
I’m brave enough to admit I can be impulsive
yet you cannot see how hard I try
When I am my own worst enemy
with whom you are so acquainted 

The End

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