Nothing left to say

When the world crumbles around you and simple luxuries are gone, you hole yourself up. But at the end of the day, the weak don't survive. At the end of the apocalypse, there will be nothing left but the strong, because the weak have been whittled away. When the time comes to rebuild, the earth will be purely ruled by the honest, by the battled hardened, and life will be reined into a new era: the domain of the strong, the fall of the weak.

Nothing's whole
In our shattered heart of the city
Everything's gone
In our lonesome safe haven city
Nothing's fair anymore
Sometimes we get food
But sometimes we don't
In our sad, cracked little city,
A reflection of the world
A mere ghost-a shell-of what it once was
Our only hope
Is put to the test,
But sometimes I can't help but wonder
Are we the only ones left?
The world is riddled with lies,
The world is wreathed in darkness,
The world is dying, and we know it,
But we stay, because what once was a home, is what
Is always a home, and don't worry
We have our city
That we cling to for support
We have our meager lives
And we have each other,
So, strangely, for me,
For us,
Life is finally worth living for,
And life is finally worth dying for.
In our shattered city
Leading broken lives
With shattered roads and broken hearts,
 But it's okay,
Because we're here together, we've made it this far
We've lived on raw fish and stale bread
This far
So we'll make it farther
But I can't help wondering if
We're the only ones left,

And sometimes
you can hold a person in your arms
you can cry with them
you can do everything you will
you can imagine
you can grieve
you can think of the different ways that it would go
if nothing ever happened
you can look into the sky and wonder,
you yell, stomp, talk, scream,
but sometimes you don't need to-
because there's nothing left to say.

Because we're the only ones left.

The End

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