Nothing but time

Nothing But Time


I can hear a clock ticking faintly in the background

It almost gets swallowed by the white noise

Some call it silence

But I can hear the white noise hiss

I only hear it when I’m out and alone,

Talking to the back off a skull,

When my nails could beckon and beg by clasping collars

Oh I want so much more than not to be alone

So I walk towards a face, stare into a soul,follow a conversation.


I know belonging

The circles go round and round

But they are not infinite.

And certainly not intimate.

What makes one kindred I could not say.

Every facet I have picked apart and re-arranged

If there is something to know I have learned it.

Some how I end up worst off and worn

I know I have tried too hard

And yet it’s not enough

I could have tried harder


I am alone and In some form and fashion, I am wrong

I’ve made so many mistakes

I feel as if I can’t function

Slumped on a window ledge and looking out

Because I can not walk

I can not get closer, closer to contact

I want to see a lover’s face

A lover’s reveal

A blooming from common to commitment

Holding back to holding on for dear life

And all the other things I’ve build up in my mind.


I am ready to be loved

Impatience plagues me.

They say there’s nothing but time

But that’s what I fear

Nothing but time…nothing but a wait

A wait for what?

Will it just slip through my hands like sand and shift through my toes?

I’ve walked through worse

I’ve felt the mire

But I just don’t know how much longer I can wait.

The End

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