Nothing At All.

First off, I'm not suicidal, I'm sure you've all written something that's not true, it's the same as that. Next off, yes it's about depression and suicide, but it's much more than that, I want you to find out what else is in this poem.

I didn't feel angry, depressed
I felt nearly nothing at all
You live your life
I live mine
You say you're leaving town
I say nothing at all
I blame my friends
this town
truth is
it's myself
my fault
you've left
leaving me here
I sit and ponder
noose in hand
"it's my fault."
I say.
Typing last words on the computer
"It's my fault."
I type.
I type nothing at all
Noose around neck
"It's all okay."
I say
I see the blank page on the computer
I see your face
I see death
I see nothing at all.

The End

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