Mr. Replica

You're a flicker candle,

With batteries,

Imitating a tiny flame.

No heat, but you also never burn out.

You're a car's air conditioning,

On a hot day when,

Windows should roll down,

The wind blowing your hair back,

Radio blaring.

You are the jeans we buy,

With holes,

So they look older than they are.

You are one of the countless prints,

Of a great masterpiece.

Not the real thing, of course.

You meant so much to me,

But, it's a sunny day...

I think you know what I'm getting at, and,

I think I see what you're doing.

I think I see who you are.

Oh, Mr. Replica,

I thought you were the best, but

In a world like our's,

It's only the original,

The real,

That matters.

So, I'm sorry to say, Mr. Replica,

I just don't have

The time,

Or the money,

Or the lack of heart,

To deal with you

On a sunny day like this!

The End

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