Into two

Blisters line my toes that walk, ten miles.

Through the night,

In the street.

The middle of the street.

Blisters line my toes,

And My legs can't stop moving..


The rain will wash it away,

The rain will erode.

Erosion, Corrosion,

Rusting, Deteriorating.

Abandoned on the side of the road,

I can see it's a rusted car.

An old rusted car,

That drove much more than ten miles,

With blistery rubber feet.


A single string dangling, hanging,

In front of My face,


The whole world in two.


Left and Right.


Which to choose, which to choose?!

That string, dangling, Strangling..

The choice is evident.

Hanging by a thread.

Left and right, into turns,

In two turns,

Two curves,

Ten miles each.


Forgot to bring My shoes.

The End

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