Truth Comes Out

I feel everything being ripped away.

So painful!

Why did I give everything to him?

Why would I ever do this to myself?

Why didn't I see this coming?

I should have.

I don't know who to blame,

But I'm blaming him.

It's over.. because of him.

And I should be angry,

I should be so angry,

That he ripped me away,

That he ripped everything away.

Because I gave him everything..

In blinded trust,

With so much trust.

He earned it,

And he killed it.

I didn't know how he felt,

Until he was ending it.

I don't know what to feel,

Right now.

What was true?

What was not true?

I don't know...

I'd like to believe it was all true,

That it was the perfect dream,

I'd had inside my head.

But it's not true.

It's the nightmare I've had,

That nightmare, when he says,

"I don't love you anymore."

I've had it before,

On horrible nights.

I thought I was dreaming,

When he first said it aloud.

"I don't love you anymore."

And I don't know how to handle it,

Because it ripped my life apart.

I had no idea...

He loved me.

He said he loved me.

But how is that possible.

How could this be true?

What is true?

I miss him.

I love him.

I'm in love with him.

And he was my first love.

I'll never forget him,

And I want him in my life.

I don't know what to think.

I need to be able to think.

Think, think, think..

But it hurts to remember.

It hurts to think.

But I can't distract myself,

I can't hurt myself that way.

I can't deny it happened...

But I want us to be okay.

As friends.

As buddies,

As two high school kids,

Hanging out.

I wish we could be more,

But the truth..

The truth has come out.

The End

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