Typical, Typical, Typical.

So typical.

I hate typical.

I hate the norm,

I hate everything about it.

So typical.


I hate people,

who strive for attention.

I hate people,

who are loud.

I hate people,

who think they're funny,

but never really are.

So typical.

I hate it.


There are things,

that I don't hate.

Un-typical things.

Weird things.

Misunderstood things.

Things I love,

people I love,

understand me.

Typical things,

don't even try,

to understand who I am.


They probably think,

I'm typical.

I don't try to not be.

Maybe I am.

I don't care;

if you try to be typical,

you're typical.

If you don't try to be typical,

you're typical.

Everything has happened before,

so many times.

Nothing you do,

is special.

Nothing you do,

is not typical.


It depends on the eyes,

that watch.

What is typical to them,

is not typical to you.


A tree is not typical,

to an ocean.

An ocean is not typical,

to a desert.

He is not typical,

to me,

and I am not typical,

to him.


So I guess it will work out now.

The End

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