Keep Me Sane!

Please: Keep me sane.

This is all I ask of you.

This explosion in my chest,

This anger,

This depression...

A couple of words from you,

A single phrase...

Heals me.

An absence

Kills me.

But this is for me?

This death is for me?


Leave me... for my benefit?

Not today,

Not after Tuesday.

Not after Tuesday!

Keep me sane,

Not today.

Do not leave, not today.

Not after that....

You know what I'm talking about.


No, no, NO!


You've made,

Too many promises, babe.



You've made too many promises,

And you'll break every one,

If you leave.

I will be broken, too.

Because of Tuesday.

You said you wouldn't leave,

After that day.

I trusted you.

Of course I would!

And now....



Stay in my life,

Stay here with me,

Do not leave.

Keep me sane!

The End

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