Is a Mile All it Takes?

Smile for the camera,

Then scowl, and turn away.

Immediate affection for all to see,

Hide everything that is underneath.

Nothing more,

No one cares.


Your friends feign care.

Interest only includes them.

Only when pain is plain in sight,

The pain is plain and nothing to fright.

No one knows,

No one cares.


Hidden scars and hiding fear,

You're too afraid for one to know.

When one knows, they all will know.

And what else will you have to show?

Just your scars.

Just your fear.


Say cheese!  And grin,

Frown behind your teeth.

To them, all that matters is your smile.

No one walks in your shoes for a mile.

Fake happiness.

True disgust.


Is a mile all it takes?

The End

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