Storm Clouds

Once the dust settles,

And storm clouds are gone,

Maybe you'll see me.

Maybe you'll love me.

But I can already see you,

And this dust is so thick.

Why can't you see me?

Are you blind?

Or just ignoring me?


Another crack of thunder,

Another flash of lightning.

This whole place just lit up.

I could see every detail,

On your face.

I could see you staring,

Right back, but,

With glazed eyes,

And a shallow smile.


You aren't blind.

You surely can't be.

I scream into the wind,

And I see you flinch.

I walk closer, and your eyes follow.


I reach a hand out,

My fingertips brush against your arm.

You back away.


So, pretend to be senseless!

You're not fooling me.

The whole world will know..


I'll stop trying so hard,

To get you to notice,

My fruitless attempts.

Maybe then your eyes won't glaze over.

Maybe then you won't back away.


Maybe then,

But not now.

The End

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