I like to listen to music

It helps keep me calm

From breaking apart

It protects me from the noist, boisterous world

My headphones make it so I don't have to listen


I like to wear loose heavy clothing

Because it's comfortable

Because I'm only comfortable

When I feel distanced from those around me


As I sit listening to my music

Dressed in my same sombre shell

Listening to my music

I see someone else


A girl dressed in dark clothing

Listening to music

Pushing herself away from the world

Sealing herself into lonely security


But I presume too much

Maybe she just wears those clothes

Because they're comfortable

Just listens to the music for enjoyment


But I presume too much

Maybe she feels isolated

And constantly seeks out to be free

But is too afraid to start something new


Afraid of some how jeopordizing what she has

Afraid of rejection, of being too different

But more fearful of false acceptence and conformity


Maybe I should walk over

Talk to her

Exchange words, sparingly at first

But swelling to a growing flood

Washing away my lonliness

Connecting with another kindred being


But I don't get up

I don't talk to her

She leaves to pursue her own seperate path

That will probably never cross mine again


It's probably better this way

I would have made a fool of myself

Saying what I shouldn't

Coming off as desperate, pathetic

I am a coward

And I hide behind my dark clothing and my headphones

The End

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