It's terrifying to glance behind you,

And see a ghost,

Or an irrational fear,

And not have anyone standing next to you,

No one to hold your hand,

Whisper that It's All Right.

No one who understands the impossible,

Believes the unbelievable.

I have a feeling this person,

Will never arrive.

I don't doubt his existence.

He's probably insane.

Perhaps more so than I.

Maybe he'll believe I'm out there too.

Perhaps he knows, deep down,

We're not insane..


Maybe we simply dwell too much,

On insignificant trivialities.

Perhaps we are insane.

I don't know.

Insanity may have already captured me.

If not, it's only a matter of time,

Before I'm its slave.

Bound by its chains.

By that time I'll have left.

I'll leave no thoughts for,

Insanity to thrive on.

But somewhere else,

I'll be left to wonder,

If a part of me,

Is left behind.


Why do those chains choose,

To tighten their links,

Around me?...

I already feel those links,




I glance behind me,

I see no ghosts.

I see no irrational fears.

It doesn't matter.

All I want,

All I need,

Is someone to stand next to me,

To hold my hand tight,

And whisper that It's All Right,

During that moment where,

Chains grab at my thoughts,

And insanity steals me.

The End

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