Not What You Thought

Unconventional? Possibly.
Unintentional? Certainly.
So like yet still unlike
The pattern you expected.
Was this what you thought of
When I first broached the subject?
I doubt it and yet there’s that glint
In your eye which suggests
That perhaps this is not so surprising.
Amazing yet obvious,
Like well-hidden truths,
Which are never considered
But upon their discovery
Invoke epiphany.
That notorious feeling:
“Why didn’t I think?”
Proves to you that there’s something
You have only just overlooked.
Like classroom games
Of hiding a ring whilst one student,
Outside, is oblivious
To its blatant position
On the finger of a friend.
It’s obvious now, of course,
But still I wonder
If perhaps it was clear before
And you overlooked it-
Dismissed it as too unlikely.
One thing is for certain:
It’s not what you thought.

The End

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