Not Typical

I am entering a beauty pageant just to prove a point to society that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Not Typical

Brown hair,

And blue eyes,

Size 11,

And touching thighs.

That is me,

That’s who I will always be.

I’m not going to change

To please you.

I will walk across that stage,

With a big white smile,

And prove society wrong, too.

I am not the typical girl,

You see in a pageant.

The bleach blonde hair,

Pure, green eyes,

And the model thin body,

All exist only in my dreams.


I am showing off the real me.

We are all beautiful.

Whether we have curls,

Straight hair, or none.

Whether our eyes shine blue,

Green, gray, or brown.

Tall, thin, large, short,

All of those things are beautiful.

We are who we are,

So embrace it.

The End

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