Not TodayMature

Signs of organization to go against

Playing fields of my mind

Wake up with nothing left

You came to take what is mine.

Understanding what we never meant

It makes me wonder who’s blind

Listening to the voice in your head

Brain-washing your mind?



            I can see so clear

Yet, I’m hardly here

            Feels like pushed away

            And yet I stay

            For another attempt

            To help you see

            What’s important to me

            Your so far away !!



I seen today many times before

Been locked inside my mind

False accusations to make your case

That’s not how I remember that time.

As I sit and read this shit

It fucking blows my mind

Listening to the voice in your head

I can never understand why



            Now that I’m here

            I can see so clear

            Faded away

            Just not today

            You try your best

            To put me down

            And make me frown

            Again someway….




The End

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