Not there

About my love with a girl who only wanted me for the goodtimes and when the bad came she wasnt there

Every night I tell you how much I care,

Every nigh, your not there,

Whats even the use in writeing all this?

Its only my pain,

In it there is no bliss,

Id sing songs of joy,

But you treat me like a toy,

Only play with me when ud like,

Then later your out on a hike,

You go out and drink with others,

Perhaps you have some other lovers?

I just wish you cared the way I do,

Instead I sit here alone without you,

I wish I didint have such a craveing,

And that my love I could be saveing,

For some one who loves me,

And I am all they wish to see,

But I love you to much to just quit,

My heart just cant take that hit,

So ill just hang along,

Keep singin my song,

Till you care,

Or darling,

Till your not there.

The End

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