Not that I blame you

You may not remember everything that happened, but I do. Every word said out of both anger and love. Every touch. Every kiss. Every tear. Every second of the heartbreaking silence. Every tender moment. Remember how much the silence from her hurt you? Just imagine going through months of that. Over and over again....still going through that. I don't blame you. Of course not. I wouldn't be me if I did. Even when we realize there is no mess to clean up, you probably still wont talk to me. That's just how you are. "not something easily forgotten or forgiven" neither were the words you said out of anger. No I don't blame you love. Of course not. It's my pain to bare. Just as these will be my scars to wear. My tears to shed. Looking back through the memories....our memories. Nothing you would particularly care for. Nothing of meaning to you. Then again, that's what I mean to you, nothing. Shed no tears for me when I'm gone. Not that you would know if I was. Not that I blame you. Of course not. No, I'd rather just lie here in bed. Shedding my tears for the lost memories. Because you may not remember anything, but I do. Every laugh. Every smile. Everytime you teased me over something I said. Every gentle reminder that you cared. Maybe one day, you'll remember something about me. Some trinket of a memory that you hold dear to you. To remind you that someone cared for more than your looks or your money. Maybe one day, you'll miss something about me. You may not remember anything about me, but I remember everything about you.

The End

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