Not So Simple

Without meaning there is no "I",
Without light there is no darkness,
The most beautiful turn a blind eye,
The most visible creature disappears in the blackness.

When raindrops fall, so simple and impure,
Onto the ground that embraces our footprints,
It washes the dirt we leave behind; it is the world's only cure,
The only janitor, that to humans, the world hints.

To disgrace the poor,
To empower the rich,
If only the problem was this simple, but it is rooted to the core,
The rules are switched, the trouble war brings is a corporation's pitch.

To sing a note of sympathy is not the point;
To faithfully send power to the poor is not the solution,
This is something for the world to see as a project, joint;
The world needs more than rain to clean, we have more problems other than pollution.

The End

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