Not So Perfect Fairy Tale

I wrote this a really long time ago, and was just wondering what you guys think.

What’s left of a broken romance
Is merely etched in stone
The name of a lost lover
And a girl all-alone

The story of this romance
Is bound to leave you in tears
A boy and a girl so perfect
And wise beyond their years

Found something in each other
That no one else could see
But their real life fairly tale
Didn’t end that happily

The boy was so amazing
That the girl could barley breathe
The boy was cute and different
The girl wore her heart on her sleeve

She didn’t need to hear it
Because her heart already knew
He didn’t need to tell her
Because he knew she loved him too.

But the boy was just too different
In some peoples eyes
That they bullied him and beat him
And even told her lies

They thought that they could make it
That their love was just that strong
But it happened all to quickly
And they both were proved wrong.

The girl made a big mistake
And the boy was dead before he died
She cant count the days shes missed him
Or the nights shes cried

But she can tell you what it feels like
To have a hole ripped in your chest
Because the boy who gave her everything
Is the boy they put to rest.

Now listen to her closely
Because she says this from the heart
She knows what it feels like
To be completely torn apart

So, now the boy is just a memory
What’s left of him is etched in stone
And a couple things she sleeps with
So she doesn’t feel so alone.

The End

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