The Emperor's New Clothes

There once was an Emperor who had no care

for the way his city did live

instead of helping the city or watching his soldiers

he would sit and buy clothes all day.


He had an outfit for each hour and day

and one for all different weathers.

Each day he would pile more in hos room.

And hunt around for the 'perfect' coat.


One day a little boy went running

up to the Emperor's door

And say and cried for him to help his land

and give money to the poor, not himself.


But the Emperor laughed and turned away

to talk to him new seamstress

But he missed her look of hate and rage

as he ordered his parade outfit.


For weeks the seamstress locked herself away

with words of 'wonder' and 'new'

But the Emperor lost his patience with her

and broke in one rainy day.


All around the room he looked

but no clothes, he could see

until she smiled and started to point

and talk of the outfits beauty.


Feeling stupid and confused

he muttered that he agreed

and backed out of the little room-

and walked away to her quiet laughter.


Finally, Parade day came, and with excitement

he rushed to his clothes.

Waiting, the seamstress, smiled at him

and talked of the outfit she made


Look at the colours! The shine

and the fabric!

Look how it suits you and makes

you look like the Emperor you are!”


The Emperor looked in the mirror and saw

himself, but not the clothes

but thinking himself stupid he nodded to her

and agreed with the words she used.


So out he went to parade his city

to the cheers of the people he ruled

and, confused, they all talked of

his wondrous and lovely clothes


Until the same little boy spoke up

and said “Hey, look, he's naked!”

And slowly the others started to laugh

And the Emperor hide in shame.


He never showed his face again

in the city he once failed to run

For he knew the people there did hate

that he cared too much for clothes


And when the little boy grew up

He was voted in to power

For the people saw he told the truth

when others just tried to please.

The End

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