The Frog Prince.2

Long ago, in a far away land
Before the kingdom was eroded by sand
There lived a king who once had four sons
But they had been cursed by evil ones

One bore the heart of stone and ice
Unable to love, his hate was his vice
The second had madness that was his doom;
Locked up for safety forever in his room

The third was cursed to live in the sea
Alone, forever, the only merman to be
And the last was cursed to be the darker one
Never to be truly happy, to never again be a son.

But the last Prince’s curse ran deeper than this
A never ending circle, a curse than never would miss
For he was immortal while others aged-
but he would love the mortals, in pure rage.

He was a Prince who was stuck as a frog
and in shame, he hid in forest fog
But fate was set and he couldn’t hide:
as the day came that a princess arrived.

She crept through the forest, alone and afraid
and the frog prince couldn't help but give aid
and he hopped up to her and helped her find her way out
and as thank you she kissed him- and gave out a shout:

For the frog prince turned back to the man he once was
And the princess took him off to her kingdom without pause
where they married and lived in peace-
until she aged too long and her heart did cease.

The frog prince, ran, heart broken and crying
knowing his immortality mean watching loved ones always dying.
So he vowed to himself he would never love again
and he disappeared back to his forest, heart in pain.

But the curse had not ended with his never ageing
for he had to live the cycle of never changing
with love and death entangled in one
the frog prince could never escape each run.

The prince is still in there, the last remains of his kingdom
Centuries after the ghosts of his past got their freedom
So be careful when you travel through forests alone...
For you could be the next one the prince must watch turn to bone.

The End

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