The Ugly Duckling

it started with an egg

rolling down a hill

forgotten by its parents as

they fight to save their nest.


It stared with a mother duck

walking down the back

and picking up the lonely egg

to look after like her own


it started with the peck-peck-peck

and a crack as the egg shell opened

and one by one the ducklings fought

to be in the world with their mother.


It started with the silence

as he was the last one out

and one by one the others looked

and took a shaking step away


it started with the laughter

and the words 'ugly' and 'wrong'

and that was when he realised

he was not a duckling after all.


It started with isolation

and fighting on the water

as he grew and grew while others

stayed small and cute and duck.


It started with a disappearance

he knew they would not see

when late one night he ran away

from the only family he had known.


It started with a passing

of days and months and years

until he found himself back at the river

where he had spent his youth.


It started with a silence

as the ducks all turned to see

the gentle whiteness of his wings

before they realised who it was.


It started with a small smile

from the swan to the ducks that were brothers

for he would never hold a grudge

for them not knowing why he was different.


It started with an egg

rolling down a hill

and ended in a happy family

together, accepting, at last.

The End

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