Red Riding Hood.2

Among the shadows of the trees
lay the hunter that no body sees
dressed in red she stalks the land
waiting, watching, to make a stand
against those who would try to kill
the magic and the wolf for the thrill.

And by her side the wolf did lie
waiting for those who wished it would die
for they fear the magic and monsters that sleep
in the forest, in darkness, buried so deep.
SO the prey and Protector did wait
for the day that they would meet their fate.

Years went by, they roamed the wood
the girl, hidden under her red hood;
the wolf never saw her face
but knew she would fight for the wolf with grace.
For if the wolf was dead and gone
the hood would only be worn till dawn.

For there must be a girl and there must be a beast
Forever in the forest, else danger is released
a danger so bad the world would shake
and so the girl and wolf try to never wake
the curse they hold in palm and paw
but to keep danger hidden, it was danger they saw.

Others, creeping, step by step, they
hunt the red hood and then pray
that they can finish what others did start
And kill the wolf and take its heart.
But when the wolf lies cold and still
the girl gets revenge; and she will always kill...

For once the hunted is gone
the girl will only have till dawn
for, in the woods, there must always be
the prey and protector, running free
And when the prey is no more
the girl turns to wolf; just like every girl before.

The End

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