Jack and the beanstalk

Above the world lay a second land
A land of hopes and dreams
Where magic lived with stranger beasts
And where no human could be found.


But there were people that stood and stared
At the land that lay above
And each tried and tried to find a way
To get there to get a new life.

One such person was a man named Jack
Who dreamed more than he worked
Of reaching the sky land and living there
so he could help and protect his family.

One day when he was cleaning
in a barn they never used
He found some strange glowing beans
so he planted them that late that night.


The morning after, he woke up
to see his wife staring out the window
where, instead of the sun that normally shined
all they could see was the green of a stalk.

Up it went, into the clouds,
where it disappeared from view
But Jack was already up and running
for he knew where it would go.

He packed a bag and walked away
to stand at the start of the plant.
And with a look to his family
he jumped up and started to climb.

Up he when, up and up
until the top, where arms reached down
and helped him back on to solid ground
with smiles and 'welcomes!' to him.

The strange sky people, with pointed ears
pulled him him and sat him down
and crowded round him with whispers and sighs
asking him about his life and the world below.

For days and days Jack stayed up there
wondering if his life could be better
but in the land of gold and dreams
he soon realised the gold had gone dull.

The elves and people living there
had forgotten the hardships of below
for having everything they needed-
made them vain, lazy and shallow.

So Jack got up early one morning,
and snuck around the house he was in
and took all the gold and food he could
before running back to the beanstalk.

But behind him he could hear the cries
of the angry elves he stole from.
And the Thud-thud-thud of the thief-catchers
they had realised to get to him.

Giants who shook the land
and roared for human flesh
but Jack kept running, not looking back
before climbing down the stalk.

He called to his family, his wife and children
who came running out to watch
As Jack took an axe to the beanstalk
before the sky people could come down.

Never again, did jack dream
Of the land of gold and hope.
For he realised the world above them-
lived, but none of them loved.

The End

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