The Little Match Stick Girl

In the darkness, a child walked

feet bare, shivering, down a quiet street

Holding up matches, with pleading words

To adults who ignored her, walking passed.

The church bells began to ring above

and the little girl curled up on the steps

Of a house, burning bright with laughter and love

of a family bringing in the new year.

The girls eyes closed, her breath misting up

and gently snow began to fall.

But still, ignored by wandering souls

the girl knew she was near the end.

Hands blue, hands shaking,

she lit up a match, to keep the cold at bay

But the matches broke and flames stuttered out

Until she was left with none.

But a cloak wrapped around her shoulders

and with force, she opened her eyes,

to see a man above, her smiling,

a small hourglass held in his hands.

I think” The strange man said to her.

its not your time to go.

For the new year is here,

and does that not mean a new start too?”

And with a smile and a finger on his lips

He turned the hourglass round.

With a knock on the door behind the girl

He smiled and was gone in the wind.

A rush of warmth as the door opened

and a gasp as the little girl was found.

Kind words as she was picked up

and gentle whispers as she was taken inside.

Never would she have to beg

for money, food and warmth

for when Death had knocked on the door for her

He had given her a chance she never had before.

The End

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