Peter and Wendy

Peter Pan had stayed to long
outside a little house
listening to the quiet words
of a mother sweet goodnight,
and before he had a chance
to fly up into the clouds
Bright eyes spotted him
from inside the open window.

Who are you?” A whispered voice
lured him in from the sky
so in he went, to meet the eyes
of a girl that stopped his heart.
Come away with me” he said
before he could stop himself
but the girls eyes lit up with life
and she held out her hand to him.

Up they flew, in clouds and rain
to get to Neverland
And with laughter hidden in the trees
she became mother to Lost Boys.
Wendy Wendy” they would chant
sat around her in a tight circle
Tell us a story, Wendy mother.”
And with a smile she would.

But as the days and the weeks passed
Wendy realised with every story she told
that though she loved the Neverland family
she missed her home, her brothers, and mother.
But Wendy's heart was torn in two-
For Peter Pan was stuck in there too
And leaving the Lost Boys alone
meant leaving Peter and half her heart on the land.

But Wendy knew she had to go-
So off she went into the setting sun.
But Peter flew ahead of her
to stop her leaving, to keep her there.
For Peter, while he never aged
still had a heart to love with.
And the thought of Wendy leaving him
Broke his heart up as well.

Upon arriving at the house
Peters plan failed
For he could see her mothers tears
and the longing to find her daughter.
So with a smile he knocked on the door
and spoke with soft kind words
and asked her to look after Wendy
and the lost boys Peter would miss.

Stay with us.” The mother said
seeing the love and loss in his eyes.
But he just shook his head and smiled:
The world would make me into a man.”
And when Wendy and the boys got there
The mother embraced them with open arms
But Wendy only had eyes for
The boy stood in the shadows.

They stood, face to face, with sad eyes
While the others gave them space.
And Peter smiled and took her hands
before he started to speak.
Wendy, my bright eyed girl,
never forget me, please.
For like the fairies in my land...
I need your love to survive.”

Wendy brushed a tear away,
knowing he would leave no matter her pleas
And instead she smiled back at him
And demanded one last thing.
Come back to me, Peter, please
Once a year at least.
For I do not want to forget your face
or the world you showed to me.”

And so years passed, and once a year
Peter landed on her window.
And took her out over the sleeping town
flying her up to the stars.
But Wendy aged while Peter stayed
the same age he was at the start
And he could not hide his pain
When one year, he knew this was the end.

Through the night, he flew with her
held tightly in his arms.
And on his way to Neverland
All could hear his chant.
Stay with me, Wendy girl.
Don't leave me on my own.
Stay with me, my Wendy, please
...This is why I would never age.”

With tears dripping from his eyes,
He placed her gently in his forest home
and watched over her for hours-
until grief made him fall asleep.
Light woke him up the next day
And laughter he had not heard for a year
and wide eyed he looked upon his love
his girl, Wendy, young once more.

The End

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