(Based on the Musical Wicked. Of you havent seen it, this is no where near as good AND YOU HAVE TO GO AND SEE IT. I had to miss out so much writing this)

Every story needs its villain

its hero, its lover, its war

the land of Oz was just the same

a twisted world of magic and people.


But even with magic, the people there

were judgemental to those who were different

talking animals were laughed at constantly-

and a little green girl was treated as bad.


People would scream, run and shout

if she even just looked in their eyes

and none looked to her to see the pain

they made her feel when she couldn’t help her face.


But the other side of the coin was

the beautiful popular girl

who used her social power for bad

to laugh and bully the green little girl.


With a fake smile and a pointed hat

the blonde beauty gave the green one a gift

pretending friendships for a prank

in a dance for the people at the school.


And when the girl walked into the dance

black dress black hat, small smile.

She stopped, smile fading, as she heard

the sniggers and laughter around


But the blonde beauty frowned as well

as she got given her own training wand

a gift in return from the green girl

for thinking she had just been nice.


And between the laughter, Blonde beauty stood

and walked up to the little green girl

and held her hand up, to whispered gasps

and both began to dance.


They became the unlikely friends,

the Blonde Beauty and Green Girl

and when the summons came from the Wizard

Hand in hand, the friends went together.


But behind the mask of magic and noise

the wizard was nothing but a man

and all Green's hopes came crashing down

as she realised her life wouldn't change.


But chance it did, in a way she would hate

when the world of Oz turned against her

for they needed a scapegoat for all evil in the world

and who was better than the different coloured one?


So years passed and she ran and ran

while hunted for doing nothing wrong

but the Green girl had realised once before

that 'no good deed goes unpunished'


And finally Green Girl realised the truth-

she would never get to live in Oz

so when a girl named Dorothy turned up

she took her chance to leave...


With tears in eyes, she met her old friend,

with a bucket of water in her hands.

They hugged and said goodbye

before Blonde Beauty was told to hide.


And Beauty watched from the shadows

as her old friend fought for freedom she had never had

before the Earthling girl picked up the bucket-

and threw it onto the wicked witch.


Every story needs its villain

its hero, its lover, its war

the land of Oz was just the same

a twisted world of magic and people.

The End

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