The Shadow

late one night, in a high up room

a man sat staring out his window

when a light flickered up and his shadow appeared

and the man frowned, starting to think

I wish, I wish that my shadow could go

and find a fortune for us both...”


The man fell asleep at his chair that night

and woke the next morning with a thought;

looking down at the floors and the walls

he realised that his shadow was gone.

I wonder, I wonder where he has gone

Has he gone to find a fortune for us both?”


A year passed before the man saw

his shadow again. A knock on the door

reveal him; the shadow more man than grey.

The shadow grinned and dipped his hat, saying to the man:

I went, I went around the world

and now have a fortune for myself.”


Another year went and the man grew ill.

Ill and grey and weary.

And when the shadow came again,

he was fat, and well and cheery:

I think, I think its time we swapped

become my shadow and I will share my fortune.”


And so the man travelled as a shadow to the Shadow

around the world for a year

until the Shadow fell in love with a girl

and the man realised he had to be stopped

I will, I will tell the girl, and everyone your secret

so you will be locked up and I will get the fortune.”


The Shadow smiled and took a step

towards the smaller man. He grabbed him

by the arm and pushed him into a locked room.

Through the door he chuckled and spoke:

You wont, you wont, for none will believe you,

Ad the girl will be mine, just like the fortune is.”


As the wedding drew nearer and nearer

the man in the room raged and screamed

But, floors down, no one heard

the truth he tried to shout out

I promise, I promise it is the truth! The mans a shadow

And I am the man, and the girl is a fortune to him!”


Seconds away from swapping vows

a young boy heard the shouts and the screams

and ran down the steps to find the man

to listen to his sorry tale.

I will, I will stop them, sir,

and save you both from the shadows fortune.”


The boy, he ran and ran some more

through the door to the wedding gathering

and out of breathe he gasped out the truth

and the Shadow started backing away

I swear, I swear, its not the truth

my shadow is mad and wants fortune for himself!”


But the bride picked up a candle and

held it up to the Shadows face

and it flickered and waved like a shadow would

so she pushed him away from herself.

I never, I never would marry a shadow

who cared more for his fortune than man.”


And so the Shadow ran far away

and the man was finally let free

and the shadow faded back to grey

and the man grew strong once more

I promise, I promise no more wishes

of shadows and getting a fortune.”

The End

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