Jack and Jill

in a land where the earth breathed

and the ocean was a monster on its own

where danger lurked at every turn

if you were to venture out on your own

There lived two children, siblings, twins

by the names of Jack and Jill.

Everywhere they went, they went together

For protection and out of love.


But Jack and Jill still argued

with shouts and insults abound

and when one wound the other

revenge would be served with a walk outside.

One would storm out, on their own

with the other trying to run behind

always the fear that one fight

would be the last one they would ever have.


One day when they were fighting

Jack ran off up a hill

and jill screamed behind him

as the earth rose beneath his feet

Jill ran up and up again

to catch her brother before he fell

but the earth was a step ahead

and with a groan it dropped them down


Down they rolled, down and down

until with a crack, jack rolled to a stop.

And he screamed and scream in more than pain

as his sister tried to help.

But one argument had been to far

and the siblings would never be the same

For Jill would always regret not saving him

and Jack would regret running.

The End

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