Twelve Dancing Princesses

A plea once went out to a kingdom

from a tired king with a strange mystery

Of daughters with ruined dancing shoes

every morning when they awoke.


No matter what the poor king did:

locking the doors, baring the windows,

each morning when he left them out

worn out shoes scattered the floors


So the king finally called for help

from every man in his wide kingdom

and said to each, if they solved the mystery

a daughter they could choose to marry.


But as the weeks passed and nothing was found

the king lost his temper and men lost their heads

and the girls smiled as they went to their beds

knowing their secret was safe.


Until a young man went walking passed

and heard whispers of the kings problem.

So up he headed towards the castle

despise the whispers of men not coming back.


The first night he was watching them

a girl gave him a drink

and smiled as his eyes gently closed

before slipping off with her sisters


The next night he pretended to sleep

and watch the girls run off,

before following them to a secret room

where they dance the night away.


On the third night he followed them

he stole a leave and a goblet from the room

and hurried back towards his bed

before the daughters come back.


When he presented his finds the next morning

the king smiled and breathed in relief

and told the man to choose a wife

in thanks of finding the truth.


But the man just laughed and shook his head

not wanting to marry anyone-

for all twelve girls thought more of their dancing

than the men put to death for their secret.

The End

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