In a kingdom overlooked

by the giants of mankind

There lived the little people

born from flowers and from earth.


Only the magic remembers

their place, hidden from the tall

and only the magical visited them

in the land of quiet peace.


But the magical had secrets

of why they had made friends

for when mankind had wishes...

it was to the little people they went.


Miles away, in a sleepy town

a little old lady cried

Oh, How I wish, for a child of my own

A small person I could raise.”


A fairy heard and started to smile

flying away to the hidden kingdom

where she picked a single seed

and carried it back to the old ladies home.


The old lady woke the next morning

to a bright red flower in bloom

and a tiny girl sat in the middle

her wish, it seemed, had come true.


She called the girl Thumbelina

and loved her through the years

for Thumbelina was her daughter:

her perfect little girl.


But one day, in high summer

a crow flew by the window

and seeing the girl, he stopped,

before picking her up in his claws


You will make a perfect wife

for my little crow son.

You will come back with me

And never leave his nest.”


Thumbelina wriggled to escape

and finally got free

down she fell, down and down

only saved by a lily-pad on water.


A frog smiled and hopped right up

to see what strange thing he had saved

and, seeing the miniature girl

croaked, and started dragging her away.


You will make a perfect wife

for my little frog son

You will come back with me

And never leave the water.”


Thumbelina wriggled to escape

and finally got free

swimming, swimming to the shore

and running fast away.


But she had travelled far away

from the home that she once knew

and she knew that she had lost her way

and would need help before too long.


She curled up as the moon rose

shivering from the chill in the air

when up came a mole who smiled

and took her back to his home.


With the lonely mole she stayed

until days and months turned to a year

but she knew she had to leave

one day when the mole started to speak.


You would make a perfect wife

my lovely little friend

I would look after you for life

Stay, Thumbelina, please stay.”


Slowly, the girl shook her head

and left the very next day

for though she cared for the Mole, her friend

his home was not for her.


On and on for years she travelled

trying to find her home.

But she never found the lady again-

her journey had taken too long.


One night in deep midwinter

a fairy travelled past

and stopped as she saw the girl-

and knew to take her home.


Thumbelina woke in a place she did not know

with staring faces looking back at her.

And when she sat up she realised:

they were the same size as her.


When two older people walked up to her

tears in eyes, but smiling wide

she knew this was the home

she had searched years to find.


Soon the story was pieced together

of who Thumbelina was;

stolen at birth by a fairy they trusted..

Thumbelina was a missing princess.


And so in peace she lived her life

back as royalty for her people

But in her heart, she never forgot

The old lady who had raised her Thumbelina.

The End

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