The Emperor and the Nightingale

The emperor had a large garden

that was known for its beauty and size.

People travelled all from all around

To see it with their own two eyes.


But at the very end of the garden

where the flowers met the sea

A song drew all the tourists near

song of beauty and songs for the free.


When the emperor heard of the song

he demanded the singer caught

to hear its beauty for himself

for without proof, to him, it was naught.


And so his servants went off to find

the little singing one

down through the garden they hunted

Through trees and fields they ran.


Ah!” they thought, when they heard a sound

This must be the music people mean.

And so they dragged an animal back

But as others laughed, they realised they had made a scene.


That's not the singer.” a little girl cried.

You've caught a cow, thats all.”

They dragged the poor beast back to its home

and carried on walking wall to wall


Three times they found a noise

they thought could be the singing voice

and when eventually they tracked it down

they shut it up without a choice.


When the emperor heard the song

he let out a happy gasp

and opened the cage to look at the bird

and held it in a gentle gasp.


He thought of locking up the bird

to capture the rich sound

But then he realised that its beauty

should not be shut up and bound.


In thanks for letting her go free

The little bird stayed near

and sang for the emperor

every day of every year.

The End

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