Eleven Swans

Long ago a princess lost her brothers to a curse

it turned them into swans every day they were alive


the princess vowed to save them in any way she could

and so she started searching the world for a cure.


Along the way she met a witch who told her what to do

she had a year to save them, a year she must be silent.


She had to sew them shirts, of painful stinging nettles

and throw them over all the swans before the year was up.


And so she starting sewing, in a field on her own

until a passing king walked by and took her to him home.


On she sewed in silence, as the king, he fell in love

until he started listening to the whispered of others


witch” they chanted in his ears, when she was not around

Why else would she sew and sew with no help to be found?”


And so the king threw her into his dark dungeons

Where she worked on the last shirt before the year was up.


And on the day she was sent to die, by fire and by flame

eleven swans flew around, trying to save the day.


In one last hope she threw the shirts, before she was consumed

and as she died, the swans turned back, into the boys she knew.


They watched in silence as her spirit went to the sky above

then turned to see the distraught king watching his love leave him too.


In the brothers grief they blamed to poor king for her dead,

But slowly each realised their sister knew what would happen to herself.


And so the brothers and the king stayed closely side by side

And helped each other day by day for the rest of their lives.

The End

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