The Tin Soldier

There was once a tin soldier

who lived life quietly

watching as his brothers ran

from the shadows of his box.


For he was not as perfect

as the others in the room

as their maker had not finished him-

He was missing his left leg.


He dreamt of running with them

and freedom they seemed to have

and dreamt of having both his legs

and hoped one day he would be fixed.


Until a day a boy ran in and

threw him out the open window

down onto the street he fell

into a flooded gutter.


The sun went down and

came back up before he was found.

And two little boys make him a boat

and pushed him down the road.


Down he sailed, on and on

until he hit the river side

and there he lay in mud and dirt

until he was picked up.


In the hands of a little girl

taken home and cleaned up

placed in a wooden castle

next to a one legged doll.


Left alone, they fell in love

and danced under a glowing moon

together, they though, forever, it seemed

until the every end.


But the end was near

than either of them though

for in anger at the broken toy

the girl flung the doll to the fire.


The little soldier panicked

seeing his loved one burn alone

and so he jumped into her arms

together until the end.


The next morning it was snowing

as they cleared the fire grate

and the room when silent as

they pulled out a little tin heart.

The End

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