The Snow Queen

Once there was a mirror

That twisted everything it saw

beauty into cruelty and richness into poor.

One day the mirror shattered

and pieces flew throughout the world

and any person touched by one turned icy and cruel.


Miles away in a small town

lived two friends, boy and girl

who one day, sat outside, watching snow fall.

The girl sat up, holding her eye

as they turned icy and blue.

A mirror shard had stuck in there; her heart was turning dark


With a sneer, she left her friend

and went searching though the town

where the queen of Snow found her, and took her to her home.

The Snow queen was lonely

and she wanted a friend

and in the girl she saw a future queen, a heart just like hers.


A year passed, and people forgot

the girl of laughter and life

Except her friend, the poor boy, who never gave up on his love.

And he started to search

the world across for her

never giving up hope that she was alive.


He met a woman who took him in

and a raven who thought he had seen her

so the boy followed every small rumour, hoping one of them might be true

But it was not her, marrying the prince

or her in the robbers hideout

But then he heard of where she was, high in in the snow of Finland.


He ran and ran for days and weeks

until he stood in front of a castle of ice

and there she was, skin blue as her eyes, sat high up on a throne.

He stepped towards her, eyes filling up

for the girl he had loved had changed.

Gone were the smiles and gone was the laughter, gone was the young girl he knew.


But as she saw him, her eyes widened

as she remember her life from before

And slowly tears filled her eyes, washing away the evil inside.

The ice in her heart melted

as she ran into her friends arms

And the warmth of love they held created magic of their own.


The snow around them melted

And flowers started growing

and boy and girl looked at each other and both simply smiled.

And they started the long journey

back towards their home

Knowing that nothing could go wrong- for they were together again.

The End

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