The Little Mermaid

Below the seas that humans sailed

live the mermaids of myths and tales

They lived in secret, scared, afraid

of being stolen, and sold for a trade.


So below the surface of the sea

the mermaids lived in harmony

Not wanting, needing anything

except peace, and voices to sing.


Ariel was different, though

she wanted more, life was too slow

And so she went to the surface one day

and watched a young man sail her way.


He smiled down at her sweetly

and her heart melted completely

And not knowing what else to do

she sand of love and what she knew.


He listened, enchanted, to her song

a they stayed there in the hours long

but as he held out to her his hand

with a flick of her tale, she went back to her land.


Not to run, but to find a way

to be a human, and to stay

up a land of ground and earth

to give up her tail, to have a rebirth.


Only one mermaid knew what to do

But to loose her tail would loose her voice too

But Ariel nodded, she had made up her mind

love was a once in a lifetime find.


The next morning she was found on shore

He picked her up from the sandy floor

And waited for her to wake

Thinking she was the one from the giant lake.


But as her eyes opened and she went to speak

she started to frown, and he started to freak

this was not the singer from the water

This girl was not even a talker.


With a growl he turned away

trying to think back to that day

It looked like her beneath his sail

the girl that day...had a tail!



You were a mermaid, am I right?”

she nodded shyly, but full of fright

And the man realised he could make a plan

to gain money, fame, to be a man.


And so he smiled and pretended to love

the sweet ex-mermaid, his silent dove

she fell for it, his perfect charm

that when it happened, she could not raise alarm.


The day she woke up, she knew something was wrong

the silence in the house was far too strong

so she ran down to the shore front

in time to see her humans new hunt


Ariel watched and Ariel cried

as the bodies of her loved ones rose and dried

Because she gave her heart to the wrong one:

he wanted money, not love, and it was too late to be undone.

The End

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