Once upon a time in a distant land

there lived a young man on his own

He travelled the city on rooftops at night

and stole so he could survive.


And in the same city, there was a girl

a princess who longed to escape

so out she snuck each night she could

to see what life was like outside her cage.


One night when he was running from

a seller whose wears he had taken

he ran into a girl, her hood up, head down

who dragged him into a doorway, hiding him from view.


And so a friendship formed between

the princess and the thief

until the day the princess was followed...

and the thief was locked away.


For weeks the princess yelled

and screamed for him to be free-

and her uncle knew her heart was his-

One more thing that he had stolen.


But the uncle had an idea

to break a heart and use the thief

and so one day he let him free

with a promise to find an item.


So off went the thief to the mountains

to a cave full of riches and gold.

His eyes went wide to see it all

and out reached his hand to take it.


Hours later with golden lamp in his hand

he walked back up to the castle

and handed the lamp to the uncle

with a smile- before he was pushed to the ground.


The uncle ordered for him to be searched

for gold and coins from the cave

but soon the uncle started to frown

for the thief had not taken a thing.


The uncle threw the lamp down and

stormed off in a rage, knowing the

princess would soon find out he

had put her heart at stake.


The thief had picked the lamp up

and rubbed off the dirt from the floor

when, in a flash, a man appeared

to grant three wishes for him.


First he wished the princess to

live a good and happy life

for she had helped him with no other

reason than the heart she had inside.


Second he wished for laws to change

for the poor to have help and food.

For he hand lived as one of them

and knew some needed help.


The last wish was the hardest

but he asked for it all the same

He wished to go back to before-

for be a thief the princess never knew.


He wished this because he knew

no one would accept him into royalty

and so to give the girl he loved a chance...

he gave her back her heart.

The End

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