The Princess And The Pea

In a kingdom far away

Where people lived happily

and the skies were never grey

there lived a prince in a castle high

who longed for a princess-

with more than looks to the eye


So he came up with a plan

To find his princess between

other girls and their scams

So when a girl came up to see

if they could fall in love a bed for a

night, he would give them- with a hidden pea.


The idea was simple, he believed

but one by one as each girl failed

he found he was relieved.

For he didn't want just one girl-

he wanted one with soul, with heart

sensitive, kind, a gem of a person, a pearl.


A few years after his plan began

a girl walked in and tried to sleep:

And finally realised his plan.

In the early hours, she ran in

pea in her hand and

her eyes narrowed thin


What is this?” she shouted loud

He woke with a start. Saw her

and felt so proud.

It had worked, he found the one

so sensitive, he knew

her heart he had won.


But what he didn't count on

Was the girl's feelings for his plan-

and he watched as she turned...and was gone.

He wanted someone other, something more

for himself, but he forgot that to find someone

to should never be a chore.


But the prince never learnt this

even when she left, as he spread around

the stories of their love, of a kiss

and so Princess and The Pea

became a myth around each table

even though that kind of love was never meant to be.

The End

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