Sleeping Beauty

A girl was born in a land of power

magic, beauty and peace.

And to celebrate the new born one,

Three fairy came to bless her.


The first gave her beauty,

like a flower in bloom

the second, a voice of an angel

to sing with every day


But as the third went to give hers

a blinding flash lit up the room

And with a smile full of hate

the girl was cursed to die


at sixteen she would see a wheel

and prick her finger once

and never breathe another breath

leaving a kingdom to mourn.


The third fairy brushed a tear away:

this curse she could not break

instead she changed just one little thing

True love would wake the girl.


Years passed and those there that day

forgot the curse that was set

Until the birthday sixteen years later...

...when a spinning wheel was a present for the girl.


Before a warning could be shouted

The girl gasped as she hit the floor

Still breathing, barely

but asleep for what seemed to be ever more.


A hundred year passed and

the girls family died

She was left to sleep forever

in a building of growing ivy.


Until one day, with a flash of a sword

An explorer started to fight

his way through the brambles

up to the front door: which opened with a creak.


Up the winding stairs he went

wondering what he would find

until at the top he came to a halt

A dark fairy stood in his way.


The fairy smiled and let him past

to see the sleeping girl

But as he went to stroke her hair

A stabbing pain pulled him back.


He glanced down to see red

seeping though his shirt

and he looked up shocked

to see a face, smiling down on him.


True love, the fairy whispered

is an interesting thing.

Until you know it, it means nothing

but with a glance, you life can change


The explorer faded in and out

knowing his time had come to pass

and not knowing why he had to,

he kissed the sleeping girl before he died.


And as his eyes closed, hers opened,

and with that, both hearts broke

For to know true love for a second and loose it

That was the dark fairies true curse.

The End

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