Little Red Riding Hood

The girl flew through the forest

a flash of red in green

Her laughed echoed through the trees

at the freedom her family had.


To her grandma's house she ran

Woven basket in her hand

But laughter faded as she arrived

to the broken door of the little home.


In she crept, her shoes kicked off

Bare feet silent on the floor

as she waited for a noise

that meant company was there once more.


And there it was, a quiet voice-

and the rattling of chains.

Little Red clenched her hands

and barged though the unlocked door.


A hunter, dressed all in black

a knife at her grandmothers throat

tied up, chained up, locked up tight

her grandmother, unable to fight.


Little Red stepped forwards once

and caught the old woman eye,

who nodded and smiled at the young girl

As Little Red's cloak fell to the ground.

A howl tore through the dense forest

As the Hunter raised his head.

Not realising, until too late

the granddaughter was a dangerous threat.


No more a girl, dressed in red

But a wolf stood in his escape

its eyes, still human, watched him freeze

as it stepped forward to meet him.


The hunter dropped his weapon, the knife

and the keys to unlock the chains

already pleading for his life,

crying, with noting left to gain.


The grandmother unlocked herself

and stood between man and wolf

a smile playing on her lips

as she picked up the young girls cloak


My,” she muttered with a laugh.

What big teeth you have.

And, Granddaughter, big eyes too...

and a tail to match them both.”


With a flick, the cloak it fell

on the crouching wolf

and in a flash of burning light

Little Red appeared once more.


Both woman turned to the hunter

As he backed off down the hall

not believing what he saw-

or the tales of the family here.


But he had seen with his own eyes

The magic of the bright coloured cloaks

the reason the woman are seen with them...

and the reason the wolves are not.

The End

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